Monument to croatian defenders from the war of independence in Otočac

To celebrate 20 years of Croatian independence, at the initiative of the town of Otočac, in cooperation with defenders’ associations, a new Monument to Croatian Defenders from the War of Independence was erected in 2011 in Otočac. The author of the Monument is academic sculptor Mario Varšić.

The memorial area was envisaged for two purposes: as a place for sojourn and memory on one side, and as a place which tells of past events and gives comfort on the other side. The semicircular wall emerging from the ground represents the birth of life.

The stone monument (crystalline procured from Greece), a symbol of strength, burst from the pain and sadness of live witnesses. Behind it there is emptiness. But then, as a comfort appears the source, water, the symbol of connection. It partly flows into day – life, and partly into dark – death. As it is lost, it is reborn again – it circles continuously, because nothing can vanish without a trace. What remains is the source of new life. Next to it grows a tree. With each day it gets bigger and more beautiful. It gives shade and protection. Apart from the symbolic meaning, this space has a practical purpose which can additionally enrich it – its amphitheatric form is ideal for art performances.