KUD Dangubice Kuterevo

08.10.2011.godine. was founded with the desire to preserve traditions and customs, songs and dances of his village and the whole Kutereva based. What we want to preserve them from oblivion is playing the tamburitza-dangubica or as it is called more and kuterevka original speech of his village. They were named after Kuterevskoj tamburitza called kuterevka or dangubuci that the original instrument Kutereva village and which is still made in Kuterevo with family Šporčić, everywhere-in the act about 50 members of different ages. The CAS operates in several sections as Dangubaška groups, drama, folklore ..

We played at various festivals and events, "Kuterevska evening" in Zagreb, on 14 and 15 Festival Lika-in Otocac, the feast of St. Elijah in Sinac, 11.Međunarodnoj festival of original folklore titled "The old chest open," the Husband and the 47th Vinkovci Autumn, 5 Evenings songs of folklore and old customs in Zemunik, the ninth Angel folklore festival in Vidusevac and many hot events and events ..

Bank account: HR9524020061100621989


Head of the company's : Matej Šporčić; vice president: Mandica Marinić, secretary: Lucija Šporčić i treasurer Mirjana Malčić.

You can contact us at the number : 385 99 590 7787

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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